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Minimum CompuHost V2 System Requirements

CompuHost is a modern day, full featured application, utilizing many of today’s latest technologies to bring you unsurpassed performance and functionality. To perform correctly, it is important that your Computer System meet at least the following requirements. As with any multitasking, full featured application, the higher the performance of the underlying hardware, the better the performance of the Software/Hardware combination in general.  

Obviously, performance varies depending on computer hardware capabilities. Therefore, we recommend installing and testing the Evaluation Version on the system you intend to utilize CompuHost on for actual performance results.


Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Windows XP / Windows VISTA / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / 32Bit and 64Bit supported

  • AMD Athlon XP 1.6/Pentium 4 1.6 or above

  • 512 MB Ram

  • 40MB Free Hard Drive Space + Sufficient Space for compressed MP3+G Files, (Avg. 4MB per Song)

  • 1024x768 Video Card (Minimum 64mb Video Ram) with Windows XP Extended Desktop Dual Monitor Support (Optimum performance may be expected by utilizing up-to-date video hardware)
    Click Here for More Information on Dual Monitor Support

  • CD+G Compatible CDRom Drive (CDROM Drive must support reading of SubChannel data.)

  • High quality Audio Record/Playback Device (Sound Card)

  • (Optional) WDM compatible Video Capture Device (Required if you wish to utilize the External Lyrics Video Source Feature)


Netbooks are NOT Recommended or Supported! Please Click Here!



CompuHost has been tested on lesser systems with satisfactory results. However, proper operation cannot be guaranteed. We recommend installing and testing the Evaluation Version on the system you intend to utilize CompuHost with.


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