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CompuHost V2 Karaoke Hosting Solution

Computerized Karaoke Hosting Solution
Set your show apart from the rest with this Next Generation Computerized Karaoke Hosting Solution!







Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 Compatible

May be installed on up to TWO computers




CompuHost V2 Addons

CompuHost Remote Request Submission System Addon



What Users Are Saying...


"I've worked with at least 8 other hosting programs for Karaoke and Compuhost outshines them all. It does everything the KJ could want and more. I have a singer walk in the door and already have them signed up for one of their regular songs using the history function and in the rotation. The singers love it, The Crowd loves it.... I think it's FANTASTIC!"

D.K. Angier, N.C.


"I was the first one on the block with Compuhost and now three more local K.J.s are using it! It absolutely blows away the competition!~ Keep up the GREAT work!"

K.S. Akron, OH


Screenshot - Main Host Screen

Screenshot - Auxilliary Screen

Screenshot 2 - Auxilliary Screen


COMPUHOST V2 Karaoke Hosting Software Solution!

The MOST Advanced, Full-Featured Computerized Karaoke Hosting Software Solution Available...PERIOD!


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CompuHost Karaoke Hosting Solution V2 has been developed from the ground up with the Discriminating Karaoke Hosting Professional in mind!  Thousands of professional Karaoke Hosts from all over the world are presently enjoying the incredible functionality CompuHost offers, enabling them to offer their audiences the very BEST in Quality Karaoke Entertainment!


And it keeps getting BETTER...


CompuHost V2's extensive feature list continues to GROW! Through the valued feedback and suggestions of our many satisfied users, CompuHost has evolved into the Most Powerful, Full-Featured Karaoke Hosting Software Solution available.. PERIOD! But don't take our word for it, simply compare the features and functionality CompuHost has to offer below, and Try It Out For Yourself! We're sure you'll see why CompuHost V2 is the #1 choice of the worlds largest Karaoke venues, Casinos, cruise lines, and tens of thousands of  Karaoke Hosting professionals worldwide!


What's new with CompuHost V2 Karaoke Hosting Solution

CompuHost V2 proudly powers the world famous Karaoke Cafe

COMPUHOST V2 Feature List

Version 2.10


New for CompuHost V2!

Supports the New and Exciting MyKJMedia On-Demand Karaoke Content Delivery System!

Revolutionary New Built-In Media Player! Fully supports on-demand playback of Audio CD, Karaoke CD+G, Super CDG, VCD, and File-based media (Flashdrives etc.) *

Supports Playback of Video Karaoke files! AVI, MPG, WMA and MP4 w/full Pitch, Tempo and MPX control!

On-the-Fly Karaoke Volume Normalization!

On-the-Fly Karaoke Silence Detection! Fully configurable!

Industry's MOST flexible Karaoke File Cataloging capabilities! Including a "Filenaming Template Wizard", empowering you to create your own filename templates! Limitless possibilities!

Exclusive, Innovative, and Fully Configurable "Preferential Collapsible Duplicates" feature!

Selectable Themes! Change the look and feel to match your mood, personality etc.


Full Featured Karaoke Player

Self-Contained, No Relying on THIRD PARTY Applications!

Why is this so IMPORTANT??

Fully Supports ALL popular Audio+G Formats, WAV+G, MP3+G, WMA+G, FLAC+G and more! 

Supports Playback of Video Karaoke files! AVI, MPG, WMA and MP4
Allows for Pre-Selected and ON-THE-FLY Key Changes in ½ Key Increments!
Allows for Pre-Selected and ON-THE-FLY Tempo Changes!

Output Visual Lyrics to an Auxiliary (Performer’s) Screen

(Windows XP/Vista Dual-Monitor Support Required)

Monitor Lyrics Output on Main Administration Screen
Optimize Sound Quality Utilizing the Built-In 10 Band Equalizer!
Apply Automatic Audio Effects Including a Built-In Audio Compressor!
Automated “AutoFade” Feature that Allows for Eloquently Terminating an Ongoing Karaoke Performance!
Replace Karaoke Lyrics Background with Custom Image!
Uniquely Integrates with our Award Winning FastTracks V2 Karaoke SongBook Creator allowing for Fast and Easy Customized SongBook Creation! (FastTracks V2 SongBook Creator Sold Separately)
Revolutionary SongBase Search Functionality! Search and Select MULTIPLE Listings w/Broad Match capabilities! 
SongBase Search includes Powerful "Search As You Type" and "Embedded Search" capabilities!
Innovative "Preferential Collapsible Duplicates"
New Full-Screen Host's (Solo) Mode feature! Great for practice sessions or Solo engagements. No need for second monitor!
Innovative MP3Sentry Audio File Scanner to prevent playback of BAD/Corrupt Files!
Innovative and Powerful "AutoPlay" Controller available! Including the Industry's ONLY Visual Onscreen Countdown Timer!
On-the-Fly File Tagging feature. Great for tagging offensive and/or damaged files!
MPX Removal Feature! Remove Vocal Channel found on MultiPlex tracks "On the Fly!"

“True” Rotation Management System

Lets YOU Control YOUR Show!
Position and Reposition Performers at ANY time.
Optional Full Automation available, including AutoRotate and AutoDelete.
Accept UNLIMITED Song Requests from EACH Performer!
Toggle Performers) as Active/Inactive
"Random Selection" (Kamikaze) Feature
"Instant History" Feature!
Conveniently display Performer's Song Requests and Past History on Performer's/Audience Screen at a click of a button!

Full Featured Built-In “Dual-Deck” FillerTunes Player

Eliminates the Dreaded “Dead Air”!
TRUE Dual-Deck Player with Automated Fading!
MP3, WAV, WMA, MP4 and M4A  Formats Supported!
Supports “AUTOPLAY” and Manual CUEING
Automated Fade-In/Fade-Out between Karaoke Performances!
Create and Load Unlimited PlayLists. (Standard M3U, PLS Formats Fully Supported)
Ability to Add Song Selections Utilizing a Simple Drag and Drop Process!
Easily Reposition Playlist Entries UP/DOWN!
Randomize Playlist for Non-Sequential Playback.
CUE Song Selections for Next-Play.
Launch CUED Selections at ANYTIME!
Innovative MP3Sentry Audio File Scanner to prevent playback of BAD/Corrupt Files!
Full-Search Capabilities in FillerTunes Playlist!
Innovative "RapidSearch" Feature! Locate an audio file among tens of thousands INSTANTLY!

“VideoBits Buttons” Feature Providing Static, Animated, Slide-Show and Full-Motion Video Playback!

Multiple "Button Sets"! Offers 45 Fully Configurable VideoBits Buttons!
Static or Animated JPG, BMP, or GIF Images.
Automated Slide-Show Presentation Utilizing 100+ Transitional Effects
Full Motion Video Supporting MPG, AVI and WMV Formats.

“AudioBits Buttons” Feature

Multiple "Button Sets"! Offers 45 Fully Configurable AudioBits Buttons!
Each AudioBit Button can be configured to Immediately Playback any MP3, WAV, WMA, MP4 or M4A Audio File.
Audio Playback is “ON TOP OF” Current Karaoke Audio Output.
GREAT For Applause, Cheering Sound Bits etc.

Includes CompuHost’s Unique Onscreen Visual Rotation System (VRS)

Imagine, No More “When Am I Up?” Questions from the Audience!
Continuous Scrolling “Marquee Type” Performer Rotation Display!
Remains Visible to the Audience at ALL Times, Including During an Ongoing Karaoke Performance!
Onscreen Color Coded “Performance Progress Indicator” Provided!
All Onscreen Fonts and Colors fully customizable!
CompuHost Exclusive "Cycling Promo-Trailers" with Color-Coding and Formatting!

Karaoke CD+G to MP3+G/WMA+G Ripping Utility Included

Import/Convert Karaoke CD+G Disc Tracks to CompuHost Ready, Computer-Based Files!

Convert to Standard MP3+G, WMA+G, Zipped MP3+G or Zipped WMA+G Files!
Variable Bit Rate Support! Better Quality, Less Space!
Automatically Catalogs Ripped Tracks During Ripping Process!
Optionally Designate Desired BitRate (Audio Quality)
Automatically “Standardize” MultiPlex CD+G Discs (Remove Vocal Channel)

Offers TWO AutoNaming Methods!

Online CDDB/FreeDB Lookup and FastTracks V2 Search **!

 **FastTracks V2 SongBook Creator Required, Sold Separately

Fully Definable Ripping Speed for Optimized Playback Quality
Incorporates the latest in Advanced Error Correction technologies, greatly improving the quality of ripped Audio+G files!
Faster Ripping Speeds with Single Pass Technology!

Automatically Import/Catalog Existing MP3+G/WMA+G Files

Supports Both Zipped and Standard MP3+G/WMA+G Formats.
Supports SIX Common MP3+G/WMA+G File Naming Formats
Automatically Search and Catalog Sub-Folders

Built-In “AutoRecord” Feature

Automatically Record Karaoke Performances to CD/DVD-Ready MP3/WMA/WAV Files!
Resulting Audio Files are Uniquely Named and Stored for Easy Recall!
Recordings can be Automatically Added to FillerTunes Playlist!

Informative “FunFacts” Reporting Feature

Tracks statistical data such as Most Performed Song, Most Performances etc.!
Ability to Printout "FunFacts" Reports!

General Features

New File Selection Dialog allows for rapid File Searches including "Subfolder Searches"!
Innovative New InstaFolder Buttons! Get to your preconfigured folder instantly with a click of a button!
New "Hidden Info" Feature
Enhanced Drag and Drop functionality
Exciting New "Global HotKey" Support! Fully Configurable!
GEN-II Software License Management
Resizable Dialogs/Windows, Fonts etc.

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